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Trisagion Games is perhaps the first indie game company owned and operated by Orthodox Christians. But that doesn't mean we only make games for the Orthodox; our mission is to bring beautiful stories to the whole world that can be enjoyed by everybody. By respecting the art of fine storytelling without forcing a message, we allow the light of our stories to shine the Orthodox phronema all by themselves.

We are currently in development for our first game, titled Canis Major, a heartwarming supernatural tale told in the Welsh language:


"When good dogs die, they don't stop being man's best friend.

You play as Comet: a recently deceased sheepdog tasked

with guarding his family in the spiritual realm of dreams.

Set in Wales during the aftermath of World War II,

we find out just how important it is to have a best friend in Heaven.”




Darrell (Marius) Conrad was chrismated into the Orthodox Church in September of 2020. Darrell has been a game developer as a hobbyist ever since ASCII's RPG Maker (RPG Tsukūru 3) was released on the PS1. In early 2019 he settled into Unity and C#, and in 2020 founded Trisagion Games and began production of Canis Major.

On the side, Darrell is a violinist and composer, working as a freelance classical string instructor since 2012. He has composed a feature length operetta, and both arranges and performs with the Elite Four: Video Game String Quartet.

When not developing games, Darrell enjoys lightsaber fencing, learning to paint Orthodox icons (the icon above is by Fr. Pefkis), and of course video games! He lives on the central coast of California with his wife, three cats, and a corgi.

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