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Timothy (Efthymis) Hatzis is a filmmaker based in Athens, Greece.


In a futuristic world in the 1950’s, a saviour is much needed. An international committee of scientists, along with the representatives of the three tribes of the earth, is called upon to resolve the crisis. Christmas Eve...and the question arises...Who will save the worms - and humanity?

Although the film is fictional, even surrealistic, it roots in poetic realism. It is a modern approach that is inspired by the tradition of the art of cinematography, by the era of silent movies, by “film noir” while its iconography is inspired by Byzantine icons.

Directed by: Efthimis Chatzis

Script Adaptation: Presbyter Constantinos Stratigopoulos

Short Story: Ilias Voulgarakis / “A Decent Trinity”

This film is temporarily unavailable.

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