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The film is an apocalyptic tale of destruction, religious miracles and spectral visitations.

An accidental traveller drawn by mysterious forces discovers the secret of a ghostly town at the bottom of a forgotten lake. Based on the 19th century epic poem by Adam Mickiewicz, the film dramatically merges oil paintings and Orthodox icons with cutting-edge 3D computer animation to create a mesmerising aesthetic experience, set to a full choral and orchestral score. This unique artistic way creates a quality in itself and an extraordinary means of expression, which is crucial in animation, where strength of content and visual form merge into a striking and meaningful fusion.

The Lost Town of Switez was screened at numerous festivals around the world and received many awards including: Best Short Film (Las Palmas 2011), Best Debut (Annecy 2011), Best Animation (Palm Springs 2011). It was also considered as the Best Polish Animation at Krakow Film Festival in 2011.


To purchase the full 21min film, click the Vimeo logo:

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To learn more about the film, creators and story, go to the official site, The Lost Town of Switez

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