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One of the fundamental objectives of our efforts to depict the lives of the Saints was to create high-quality children’s animations with respect for their tender soul so as to sooth and inspire it. The depiction was made without any adaptations whatsoever and by using the Synaxaria and the Holy Bible as only sources.

The need for high-quality stimuli has also led us to the production of the film “Christmas Anti-Fable”. The film is based on the short story of Ilias Voulgarakis, “A Decent Trinity” while the adaptation of the script was edited by the Protopresbyter Constantinos Stratigopoulos. It’s Christmas Eve, the… worms are in danger…”but I am a worm and not a man” (Psalp22:6). Human dignity is unable to show empathy to the salvation of humanity. What is needed is tolerance, charity, love…”Prepare O Bethlehem, For Eden has been opened to all. Adorn yourself, O Ephratha, for the tree of life blossoms forth from the Virgin in the cave…”.

The company has also published the books of Father Constantinos Stratigopoulos “Hours for Darkness, hours for Light”, “The End of an Anonymous” while he also wrote “The Crossroad of my Heart”.

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The Apostle Paul

The route of the Apostle Paul from Damascus to the Acropolis. A small effort to highlight the size and magnitude of the Apostle Paul’s achievements but also the pain of his eagerness. What was it that touched his heart and made him go from one extreme to the other? Upon hearing a voice “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” he asked “Who are you Lord?” This is how he opened his heart to the brilliance of the light that let him to be taught and to be baptised by Ananias, to live as an eremite for many years in the Arabian Desert and to begin his travels thus paving the way for Christianity into Europe. We would also like to be a part of this journey…to become the light of the people resembling the Apostle Paul who lived inside Christ and had Christ residing within him.

Saint Gerasimos of the Jordan

The disobedience of the first man did not only infuriate people but all of nature as well. But Grace can tame even the wildest beasts. An incredible and thrilling story about a lion and its tacit obedience to Saint Gerasimos of the Jordan. The story is based on the Synaxarion of the Saint.

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