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Legend has it that any maiden who rests her head on St. Tredwell’s Stone Pillow will see the face of her true love.

Ariadne runs from love all the way to the edges of the world. Her work as an elite scholar of medieval Christian artifacts allows her to shelter her heart behind the stones she studies – until she meets Angus, her equal in everything but fear.

Together they’ll discover if hearts with room for legends have room for love.

An Orthodox Christian romance novella, a story of God and a woman and a man, a journey through grief, love, and mysticism in places worn thin by the footsteps of saints.


“It’s a short novel, but it’s beautifully written, well paced and envelopes you in a complete world of visions, Scottish brogue, chilly autumn walks along a sea coast and bright, star-filled nights that show the glory and wonder of the Lord. Summer shows us what it is to see through the thin places of the world, to the colourful, brilliant world of the spiritual that is always there if we only have the eyes to see.”


– Bev Cooke, Author of Royal Monastic and Keeper of the Light

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A marriage in the shadow of death. Sienna and Peter had it all: a house they designed themselves, two dogs in a fragrant garden, a new teashop, and a baby on the way. Then the worst happens. They lose their first child to stillbirth, even though they'd expected a miracle. Soon after, Peter is diagnosed with cancer. The sheltered peace of tea tables is shattered. Her baby gone, her husband dying, her dream business threatened, Sienna is nearly lost. But when the worst happens, learning to love again becomes the real miracle. Tea helps Sienna and Peter touch grief in the dark. With each shared cup, they come back to one another as they begin to love in loss. Tea and Crumples. Learn to love again.

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After 125 years of demon possession, Jeffrey Lapin wants to end his life of torment. A failed suicide attempt puts him in touch with Maddy, an Orthodox Christian police officer whose helping hand burns Jeffrey's skin. Her touch shows him the solution to his problem: he will convert to Orthodoxy and say goodbye to the world when he gets baptized. But Jeffrey's so focused on dying that he overlooks the first part of baptism: the exorcism. Parted forever from the demon that tormented him, Jeffrey has to learn to live as a Christian, free from the demon
but not his own tendencies to mess up.

With compassion and coffee, confession and cake, Jeff's new Orthodox family teaches him to accept the grace given him to live into true eternal life. Strengthened by new habits of faith, Jeffrey finds a new direction, purpose, and maybe even love.


Summer Kinard is also passionate about improving the way in which children with disabilities experience church.


Based upon her own experiences, Summer has selflessly produced a wealth of resources and guides to help parents, church committees and parishioners to better welcome and integrate children with special needs.


The button links below contain valuable resources, visual aids, personal stories and advice which are free to download.


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