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Studio DOM is the creative hub for Jakov Popov, a teenager from Serbia who acquired his skills in animation by participating in a series of workshops held by the Studio Chaika-Staika from Russia.

Amazed by his gift for and interest in animation, as well as the possibilities that animation provides to children, Jakov’s parents decided to found a family animation studio for children: Studio DOM.

Jakov has been the director and animator of all the Studio’s films.


He also participates in organising animation workshops nationally and abroad. He has received many awards at several international festivals. He has participated in many international animation workshops, including the workshop of Oscar recipient, Aleksandar Petrov, as well as Jakov’s visit to the studios Pilot and Sojuzmuljtfiljm in Russia.

The videos below are only a sample as these are the only ones on Studio DOM's Vimeo account that are subtitled in English, the remainder are in Serbian.

Studio DOM logo.jpg
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