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The Hidden Island - book 01 -
The Falls of Mysterion - book 02 - reduc
The Ordeal of Windfire - book 03 - reduc

When Jonah’s father Francis goes missing, Jonah refuses to believe he is dead. With the help of a wise elder, he learns that Francis is a prisoner of the evil Djinn in Mysterion, a world long hidden from human eyes.

Using the power of a magic lamp, Jonah finds his way into Mysterion, where he meets Azrel, the many-winged, sharp-tongued Angelus. With Azrel’s help, Jonah must get past a man-eating giant, and find the Hidden Island where his father is being held. Can he finally defeat the Djinn and save his father from slavery?

This is the first book in Richard Garcia Morgan’s Young Adult Fantasy series, Tales from Mysterion. If you liked The Neverending Story and Chronicles of Narnia, you’ll love this coming of age adventure in a world of mythical talking creatures, magic, and high adventure.


Isabella is lost, running from an abusive father and a broken home. Tempted by the Djinn, she’s drawn into the forgotten world of Mysterion, where she joins the pirates and reinvents herself as Bella Couteau.

When the pirate king commands her to assassinate his arch-enemy, the Elder of Mysterion, Bella seizes the opportunity to win glory and greatness as his chosen heir. But as she makes the perilous journey to Elder’s Island, she starts to question everything she’s come to believe. And when she finally confronts the Elder, he makes her an unexpected offer: a new life—if only she has the courage to grasp it.

A gripping tale of a plucky young heroine coming of age in a magical world filled with swashbuckling villains, seagoing dragons, monsters, and mermaids.


With his island besieged by the pirate armada, Jonah and his companions travel to the western deserts of Mysterion, seeking aid from the warlike Mezoramians. However, the fate of Jonah’s people may really depend on Disagree, the pirate king’s most steadfast servant. As the battle for Elder’s Island reaches its climax, Disagree is given a choice between absolute obedience to his master, and love for his friends. And he must decide where his heart really belongs—in the ruthless world of the pirates, or with the people who listen to the Wind.



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Born in the Seychelles Islands, Richard Garcia Morgan grew up in Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania, immersed a rich variety of cultures and peoples. Now he lives in Canada, surrounded by the majestic snow-capped mountains of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, serving as an Orthodox priest and a prison chaplain. ‘Richard Garcia Morgan’ is his creative pseudonym.

Richard loves beauty, vibrancy, and the richness of life in all of its many dimensions. In the magic and fantasy of Mysterion, he strives to capture this fullness—both the four dimensions of the visible world and the hidden realms of the Spirit, which is ‘everywhere present and fills all things.’

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