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Mastering Iconography: online tutorials by Ikonographics

By Chris Vlahonasios

Icons are some of the most beautiful works of “art” in the world, but for Orthodox Christians they mean so much more. For those who have a desire to create them can benefit from the experience and talent of Julia Bridget Hayes, who has been painting icons for over 16 years. But you don’t need to travel to Greece to learn how, but from the convenience of your own home.

Ikonographics now offers a comprehensive, online tutorial series. However, this is very different to other “learn to write an icon” workshops. Julia strongly believes in not merely coping icons, but honouring the iconographic traditions the Church has developed.

These tutorial series start by building on the foundations by teaching how to draw before how to paint. The tutorials start with the basics of drawing icons then moves on to painting in traditional tetrachrome and underpainting. Afterwards the series progresses to painting a variety of icons from simple to more advance. This series has full voice-over explaining how things are done. There will also be short time-lapse sketch videos which are helpful for showing the process of drawing and how to correct mistakes.

To purchase a tutorial, go to Bridget Hayes on Udemy and select your product.

Julia has also created a series of “work in progress” videos. These are separate to her comprehensive tutorial products, but serve as a free introduction for those interested in iconography.

However, Julia needs your support to continue this project. You can support her efforts and the associated costs by pledging via her Patreon page.

There are 2 categories of patrons:

Student – those interested in learning iconography, and

Supporter – for those who want to support Julia in making her tutorials and creative work.

It is hoped Julia’s work can continue long into the future for the benefit of those who want to create icons and for the rest of us to enjoy them.

Ikonographics website




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