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Until that day

When walking down towards the unknown, do you hear my thoughts whispering your name, or try to remember the words we never said? Without the other...we are both to be blamed.

Do you only seek me in the depth of your dreams, while your heart sleeps in my unrest, in the world of wishes, away from everything, where our lips are sealed full of zest?

Sometimes I wonder whether you believe, that our love is greater than the oceans; against the stream that we can swim and navigate freely out of labyrinth of emotions.

Your soul as the ray of light spreads the love down through my veins. It is taking over and helps me dream awake that we can become us, regardless of what lies ahead; that all our fears we can conquer.

Often I imagine about stories yet to be… Will the sun smile the same as the night disappears? Who will hold your hand at the altar of gifts? If doubt is let in, nothing is as it seems...

God only knows whether and how our stars will meet, but hope still dwells in me, while time escapes. As did yesterday, today and tomorrow for our love I will pray. Then we can enter through its eternal gates.

Countless times I have been wishing it was you, but no matter how hard I really tried during the time spent with them. Despite how brief, I felt empty without knowing why.

Forgetful I try to be, but am still reminded. I am just a fragment of a man, a clone. Without you I am not myself, nothing more but a shadow. No one can replace you...your absence makes me feel alone.

Stop, stop...not anymore, you treacherous doubt you deceitful foe. Your chains shall no longer captivate my soul and deprive me of a true and meaningful love, the only right kind. For without it I am not complete...but only half, the half unloved...

For nothing is greater nor could it be nothing mundane, money, power or fame, than to have my heart loved by your soul. It makes me feel like I am born again

The outlook is different once you acquire faith. I fear no longer as before was the case. From the glass half empty nothing can be gained , for even when full, a perceiver is not amazed.

I would like to capture your smile in the palms of my hands, to take away all your worries and make you happy from now on. Innocence it speaks, a gentle look from your eyes, when I pour my heart and say: “to you I am sworn!”

#VladimirSorak #poetry

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