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The Crown

Are we living in the last days? We certainly well may be… If so we must now change our ways, For this could be the last century. And when the heavens are rolled up like a scroll, And the Master of the vineyard returns, What can man do to save his soul? For the Lord seeks the heart that burns. So let this mind be in you, Which was also in Christ Jesus; Doing that which God would have us do, And not what suits and pleases us. We all have a purpose and a calling, To be God's temple and instruments. But through procrastination and stalling, We fall from grace in great increments. In his mercy God delays His coming, To give us a second chance; Remember the evil one is cunning, So we must rise and take our stance. To get back up when you have fallen down Is a great lesson to mankind; So keep striving for that golden crown, ​For he who seeks will always find.

#Dionysios #poetry

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