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Journey Well Maria

Journey well, Maria, To your casa in the valley; Hurry, sweet Señorita, For there is no time to dilly-dally. Walk quickly down the path, The one you know so well, Comforted with Moses’ staff, To cast off the evil spell. Keep walking my Dear Lady, Walk swiftly through the trees, For the forest grows dark and shady, And whispers are carried in the breeze. Be careful not to dash a foot On the rocks, the stones, and pebbles; For evening falls as black as soot, And out come the rogues and rebels. Study Orion’s great constellation To guide you safely on the trail; The moonlight is for you emancipation, Your faith in God will never fail. Lift up your head, O Maiden and Eastern gate, ​Look up O Ancient and Holy Door; Your prayers cleaning the sinner’s slate, O Virgin Queen thou art blessed for evermore.

#Dionysios #poetry

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