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LIFE is a collection of photographs which portray the various layers of life and the experiences it provides. Taken by the hand of Finnish photographer, Uspenski Cathedral trustee and family therapist, Juha Roisko. Displaying the postmodern city, the departure, the bridge, the country, the hard winter, the respite and the return in 100 full color photographs described as surreal moments suspended in time, Roisko subtly guides the viewer through common, daily scenes to multiple layers of mystery and beyond, touching upon the very essence of human life. 

Beauty, joy, hope, sorrow, sadness, curiosity and longing are captured in a sophisticated way, making this collection valuable for the healing of humankind and the survivors of abuse and cruelty.

You can purchase his work from this link.

"Roisko's photographs are rich in color with subtle tones. Everyday scenes are seen with a fresh eye."


- Marcel Roggisch, Photographer, The Netherlands.


"Humanity, dignity, life's little but meaningful details and nature meet each other in this very special book. Roisko's stunning talent of capturing the passing moments of life arises from his strong musical and observing way of seeing life as artwork."


- Kari Laakso, Musician, Finland



Juha Roisko was born to a family of humble origin, early settlers of Finnish-Russian descent in the historical province of Karelia, Finland. He is a family therapist in clinical practice for 12 years. Roisko has lived most of his life as a witness to people's tragic life experiences, a witnessing that has influenced his passion to help families, particularly children, to healing and recovery through psychotherapy. 

Roisko is a man without prejudice, at peace with the world and with himself. He retains a very close, personal relationship with the Orthodox Church. Some photographs in this book were, in fact, taken inside Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland, the largest Orthodox Church in Western Europe and of which Roisko is the trustee.

Roisko is a self-taught artist in photography whose work has been greatly praised by others. Some of his photographs were originally designed to be a tool for therapeutic healing. His photographs radiate a sense of well-being to viewers, one that calms the mind and allows people to appreciate and take in within themselves true beauty at first lens capture. 

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