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Kevin Byrce is a documentary filmmaker who captures the stories that most affect people living in his community. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Kevin delves deep into the most complex social issues others try to avoid.


Having won many awards and broadcast on various networks across the US, Kevin has produced several excellent documentary films that will give the viewer greater insight into the hearts and minds of society's most misunderstood and vulnerable. 

Kevin's first film, which introduced him to Orthodoxy, was 

WE ARE SUPERMAN followed by ALL THESE FLOWERS. At this point in time his next feature-length documentary, TRAUMATIZED is currently in post-production.

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We Are Superman is a documentary short that will take an in depth look at what it takes to transform a community that has suffered from disinvestment for 50 years. 

Troost Avenue has historically been a racial and economic dividing line in Kansas City. But there is a movement to erase that divide. A movement of people who no longer believe it is up to an elected official to come and save them. On 31st and Troost there is a community of people who have stopped waiting on a superman and have recognized the superman in all of us. 

They have a vision to transform the dividing line of Troost Avenue into a gathering place. It's already beginning. People have begun to gather, but there is still a lot of work to do. This is the story of their work, their vision, and how one corner is transforming a city.






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This documentary tells the emotionally charged story of 6 people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder from across the United States. They come from different family structures, financial situations, and treatment strategies. Shot over the course of 2 years, the film captures the struggle of mental illness and how our healthcare system is unequipped to help. Ranging from a young man living homeless in Colorado and an inmate in Kansas, to a young mother in Wisconsin and a retiree in Pennsylvania, the film expresses the diversity and complexity of the diagnosis while addressing the stigmas and challenges faced by those who are diagnosed. It digs into their relationships with their spouses, children, parents, counselors, and communities. It speaks of the love and support necessary for recovery and the consequences possible when the support is not there. 

The overall message of All These Flowers is simple—we all struggle. And though some of our struggles can be given the same name they can be expressed differently from person to person. The film is a bold look at a deeply complex and widely misunderstood illness. Ultimately it is a story of victory: of finding identity apart from a diagnosis, hope where there was despair, and recovery from an incurable disease. Alycia Betz affirms in the film, “This is not a death sentence. Bipolar Disorder is not a death sentence”. 



ALL THESE FLOWERS will be available on DVD & VOD

7th May 2019


The story of trauma through the Veteran community and how it relates to trauma in urban America.

Still in post-production. Stay tuned for more details.

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