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A series of multi-media projects including an animated series, web comic and comic strip centered on the life of an original character, Father Gabriel. A monk who meets and helps people struggling through life but who also undergoes his own trials and tribulations.

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Father Gabriel is a character I created because of my love of Orthodox Christianity and my interest in comic books, cartoons and animations. My inspiration for Father Gabriel came from my readings of the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church, such as Saint Nektarios of Aegina, Saint John Maximovitch, Saint Seraphim of Sarov, the Optina Fathers, and many more. After I created Father Gabriel, my intention was to make short animated episodes to be published on my website as well as Youtube, but I soon decided to expand on this. I started focusing on Father Gabriel online web comics, which gave me the opportunity to create stories about people who encounter Father Gabriel, and because of his love and faith, their own lives begin to heal and change.


It is a wonderful joy working on Father Gabriel animated episodes and web comics, and truly a blessing that they are being enjoyed by people around the world.

- Nicholas Tamraz

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This is a web comic series called, “Father Gabriel’s Journey.” Each episode consists of stories about Father Gabriel and other characters he encounters. Stories are accompanied by quotes from the Bible or from the writings of the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Christian church. Only a sample are here, to view more go to IKONiMATION's site.

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This is a comic strip series featuring Father Gabriel and other characters that he encounters. Each strip consists of one or two images (or panels) that tells a story. The story is accompanied by a Bible verse or quote from the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Christian church. Only a sample are here, to view more go to IKONiMATION's site.



Nicholas Tamraz is an Orthodox Christian cartoonist and animator. Since a young age, Nicholas has had an interest in comic books and animations, dreaming of someday creating his very own animated series and comic books. So finally he decided to make his childhood dream come true by creating IKONIMATION, a website showcasing his Father Gabriel animated series and web comics.


Nicholas hopes and prays that all who visit IKONIMATION will enjoy Father Gabriel's adventures, and through the teachings of the Bible and the Holy Fathers of the church, find blessing in their lives.

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