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Forget your old name. Forget your parents. These are the things Euphrosyne’s grandparents and counselor tell her. But if Orthodox Christianity is a lie, why did the icon so dramatically save her life? And what can she do to get the icon back?

In a post-Christian America, where going to church, praying, or owning holy things means death, a twelve-year-old girl searches for the truth. Finding it may cost her everything.

You can read part of Chapter 1 by clicking and downloading from the Word Doc icon:

Thanks to many reader requests, Georgia Briggs has created a Discussion Questions guide for her novel that can be used by book clubs, youth groups, homeschoolers, or anyone who'd like to start a conversation about this thought-provoking story! The guide has been included in the second printing of the book, which is now available.

The book is available through these online stores

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Georgia has also illustrated all the artwork that appears in the novel. Below are just a few images of her work.


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Georgia is a young mother, author, and novice iconographer who spends her days juggling too many activities and reading whenever she gets the chance. In 2017 she published Icon; A Novel through Ancient Faith Publishing, and had her first daughter a few weeks after. Ever since, she has been changing diapers (and snatching every opportunity to stay creative) by the grace of God and a burgeoning caffeine addiction.  She attends Saint Symeon Orthodox Church in Birmingham, Alabama, where her parish family keeps her feeling loved and supported.

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