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From the Heart - A Journey of Love is a collection of 56 poems, 14 haikus and various sayings by the Jordanian-American author and Huffington Post Passionista, Hadel S. Ma'ayeh. Haunting and timeless, innovative and jazzy, exquisitely balanced, with the ability to invade one's soul, Ma'ayeh's poetic voice paints an extraordinarily realistic picture of life in our postmodern age. 

The sensory words and emotions she uses effectively transport the reader to the settings described. The composition of the poems is sufficiently complex to provoke the reader into filling the blanks with their imagination, while being left wanting more.

You can purchase a paperback or eBook from this link.

"Engaging and innovative, displaying simplistic elegance, Ma'ayeh's words capture the essence of a world rich in subtle beauty."

- Richard Bassett


"Hadel's poetry invites us to celebrate the invisible thread that links us to our inner nature. I particularly enjoyed the cadence of her poetic voice as she painted each mental picture."

- Jazz Baker


"Haunting, timeless . . . the imagery Hadel employs invades your soul." 

- Adan K. Pope



Hadel S. Ma'ayeh is an American writer and poet of Jordanian heritage. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Middle East History and Political Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A lover of the arts, Hadel has enjoyed dancing since the age of four years and with the support of her U-of-I friends, she joined the dancing group COPA, serving also as choreographer of her own dance.

Hadel has enjoyed a long career with corporations, her last position being that of Vice-President of Support Services with an international company. She then set up her own business in management consultancy, training and Social Media PR, @Hadel Social Media. Hadel loves writing and is a Huffington Post Passionista.

Hadel likes to boast about the ancient family church where she was baptized, the 19th century Greek Orthodox church of Saint George in Madaba, Jordan. This church houses the oldest known (6th century) geographic floor mosaic in art history. Hadel resides in both the countries of Jordan and the United States. 

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