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Ever since i was a child, I’d always loved drawing comic books characters and this love only grew. There is an iconographic language in comic books that help express ideas and emotions in one image that you often can’t under more realistic styles.


As a Nihilist, my art was a window to the anger, loneliness and disgust that was crying out for a saviour, though at the time I was not aware of it.


Now as a Christian, my art style remains, but is transfigured with the goal of bringing our sights to good things or evils that most people might not see. And the goal can also be as simple as making someone happy!

I’ve made caricatures of every member of my family with each having something to do with their personalities. This one is of myself (see left) in the world of He-man and the Masters of the Universe! He-man was my favourite superhero growing up.


I chose this theme for myself because He-man was the cartoon that first got me into drawing and ignited so much of my creative side. Plus, I got to hold the Power Sword!

A Winter Stroll… The Saint is Calling

This beautiful comic strip is for sale in a classic 13x19 frame. Orders can be made through

Saint Dionysios Greek Orthodox Church.

Church Comic(1).jpeg


A Beautiful Lie.jpg

The mask floating in darkness represents the face of the Devil’s lies. Beautiful at face value but there is darkness and chaos behind it.

hogan - updated.jpeg

Hollywood/Hulk Hogan Like almost every kid int he 1980’s, i was a huge Hulk Hogan fan. He was the ultimate good guy who defeated the bad guys. What was not to love? In the late 90’s something happened. Hulk Hogan became a bad guy. He traded in his Red and Yellow for the Black and White and became Hollywood Hogan. It mirrored much of how I was seeing the world. In the 80’s I was young and optimistic, while in the late 90’s, I was starting to get jaded by the world and seeing things in a much more pessimistic way. The transformation of the iconic good guy into an equally iconic bad guy was the perfect metaphor for not only the change in me but also the change that I think much of society went through. This piece shows the split in the character of Hulk Hogan between his two personas.

This is my remastered take on Orko, the wizard and court jester of sorts, from the Masters of the Universe. I was curious to see how i could give a more adult spin on a character who had traditionally been spun for children. The interesting thing about the costume is the influence of Orthodox Priest vestments. At the time, I wasn’t aware of it since I hadn’t returned to the Church yet. It seems like the vestments stayed at the back of my mind and equated Priests with something mystical like a wizard.

I love the character of the Flash and really wanted to create something that gave off the sense of speed and effort. In the iconography of comic books, having the eyes glow conveys power, strength, effort. So with this image we are meant to understand that this isn’t just the Flash running as usual. Rather he is pushing himself further and harder than he has before. This is the power that comic imagery has. It inspires to try harder and break past that glass ceiling.


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