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DEVOUT presents a journey through contemporary monastic life as an archaic utopia, a timeless spiritual sphere that is as beautiful and harsh as the mountain terrain of the Caucasus, tempting but unforgiving, a riddle like God and faith.

DEVOUT provides a glimpse into the life of a 22-year-old Georgian Orthodox monk, Father Anubi, as he contemplates his understanding of faith. This inspirational story follows him as he travels the forest paths between the many monasteries in his pristine, picturesque valley. The film bears cinematic witness as it presents a stunning visual portrait of the monks, their contemporary, ritualistic lives, and the work inside the monasteries. The camera travels to 17 Dzama Valley monasteries including a one-monk monastery perched 1400 meters on a cliff-side and was given access to a previously unrecorded sacred site that contains hundreds of bones and the skulls of murdered monks, priests, bishops, and children dating from the 6th century. Besides the inspired Father Anubi, interviews with other young monks, obedients, and the Archbishop help viewers garner insight to, and reveal individual perspectives of, their Orthodox beliefs ranging from distinct and deterministic, to more compassionate with altruistic views. Although everyone has an individual way of living, each of us has to overcome some difficulties in life and that may be where true beauty lies, through the expression of faith and sharing between people. Here we find true humility and honest devotion.

DEVOUT has received Impact Docs Award 2018 in 4 categories, Awards of Excellence Documentary Feature, Cinematography, Sound Design, and Original Music Film Score. DEVOUT was also the winner of an Award of Excellence in the Documentary Feature category in the 2017 Indie Fest Film Awards.

The film is in Georgian, but comes with the option of choosing  English, Greek or Russian susbitltes.


To learn more about the filmmaker, James Higginson, and access more content go to the film's offical website:

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