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Derek Power is an American composer/musician and sometime aspiring filmmaker.  While born in Great Falls, Montana (6 September 1982), he grew up primarily in Herndon, Virginia.  He attended the College of William and Mary, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Music in May 2005.  His thesis analyzed Arvo Part's Kanon Pokajanen and received High Honors from the Department of Music.  (A copy of it was given to the Arvo Part Centre in Laulasmaa, Estonia.).  It was also during that time he was received into the Orthodox Church in November 2002.

In 2006, he launched his first music project called The Spangle Maker, which started out as an effort to make dream-pop (as it was named after a Cocteau Twins song) but became a personal "music R&D" project where any and all styles would be tried.  The project was put on hiatus - and would end entirely - in 2011.  Starting in 2009, after resettling in Massachusetts, he focused on filmmaking, writing screenplays and developing potential feature projects.  In 2012, he wrote, produced and directed the short film The Key and the Frame, which was meant as a proof of concept for several feature-length scripts he wrote in 2010.  The film premiered at the 2013 Boston International Film Festival and was selected to be a part of Byzanfest 2014.

In 2018, he returned to music making with a project called キラヨシ [or "Kirayoshi" romanized], inspired in large part by the Internet-based art movement called "vaporwave".  So far, he has released an album, Reincarnated Resurrection, that would be available on cassette and MiniDisc from Section 9 Tapes and has appeared on a few compilations.  He will continue to work on music.

He currently resides in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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Really well-composed, effective electronic mood-pieces that keep you hitting the play button as opposed to a lot of its ilk where you're watching the clock wondering when it will be over. A bit like eating cotton candy laced with shards of ice that prick the roof of your mouth at first but eventually melt into the candy, leaving a cooling effect. Favorite track: Les yeux sans visage.

- Petridisch

Purchase Derek’s album in various formats, including:

digital download, vinyl, cassette or MiniDisc.

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