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This project is to illustrate the entire Bible, verse to verse!

The work of Bojan Teodosijevic, Bible Illustrated can be experienced through his YouTube and blog. The video aspect of this Project is made up of several series, including: 


Pencils & Prayer Ropes - a variety videos on the Bible, Orthodoxy or Christian life in general.

The Reliquary - illustrated lives of the saints.

Bible Illustrated Hands - discussing various topics regarding faith.

In most illustrated Bibles, you will see at most three illustrations that deal with the Crucifixion. However, in Bible Illustrated, each individual event will be depicted on a separate image (going to Golgotha, the crucifixion, the two thieves, the eclipse of the sun, the resurrection of the dead, Christ dedicating His Mother to His beloved apostle and so on and so forth).

However, all the verses of the Bible are getting the same treatment, even the less known ones.

- Bojan Teodosijevic

THE BIBLE (so far)

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Such a project has never been done before. The goal is to create a massive collection of biblical related material. This project is one of a kind in history. However, Bojan cannot do this without your help. Please consider becoming a patron. Starting from as low as $1 USD a month you can be part of an artistic masterpiece that will inspire and feed the souls of generations to come.

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